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Feral Gentry is an occasionally animated new weird comic about modern fairies. Tuomi is a fairy who has lived for a long time in hiding among humans, with only his plants to keep him company. His peaceful yet lonely life changes when he meets Cypress, a strong-willed fairy who is intent on bringing Tuomi back among his own kind. But change is rarely easy, and the summer is ever so short... The comic is updated on Wednesdays and the story will span four chapters.


June 21st, 2016, 2:04 am


Rest of the year conventions!

Hey everyone! This is the post to refer to when in doubt about our con tabling appearances.

This year, we'll be at

Finncon, Tampere, 1.-3.7.

Animecon, Jyväskylä, 9.-10.7. (together with Anni K)

Tracon, Tampere, 3.-4.9. (together with Miisa)

Thought Bubble, Leeds, UK, 5.-6.11. (together with Myrntai and Stutterhug)


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March 20th, 2016, 8:19 am


Good news and bad news and some kinda okay news!

Hi everyone! This is Anayte and I have, as they say, both good news and bad news.

First the good news: I went to the printhouse to get the Chapter 2 books on Friday, and they are looking very nice! The cover matt laminate is nice, there are the right number of pages inside, you can see what happens in it and the text is sharp and everything! Haha.

The bad news: when I'd moved the books out from the elevator to the yard, I slipped on black ice and fell on my left side. On the way back home in the car I turned my wrist around and almost blacked out, and after getting home and debating about it with friends on skype I reluctantly agreed to go to the clinic and after a few rounds of waiting for different doctors they found a small fracture in the elbow end of one of those long bones in one's arm. And now I have a light version arm sling.
So... I kind of can't be drawing the comic on full force during this time I specifically assigned for myself to be drawing the comic on full force. What fun! I'm hoping the healing time won't be amazingly long, but even if it only lasts for two to three weeks, I have to assume it will affect the comic's schedule. I originally assumed I would begin publishing Chapter 3 sometime in late April, but I might have to move that estimate well into May. >:(

The sort-of-good news is that I can still make thumbnails for the comic with my right hand... and maybe even draw pages with my left if I'm careful about it. The colouring might be the biggest obstacle here because of the cintiq's angle?? I will try test my limits very sensibly and do my best not to ruin my drawing hand forever so I can keep on producing things beyond this crappy accident.

I hope you've had a somewhat less distressing weekend! Matti wants to be swift and is already packing the preorders, so that and thumbnails and maybe some Undertale is what we're getting up to today. Take care of yourselves, don't slip on ice like I do!



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February 8th, 2016, 3:03 am


Surprise!! Chapter 2 physical book! Incoming!

Hey everyone! Long time no news. Well I GOT NEWS NOW!! You can now preorder Feral Gentry Chapter 2, and at an early bird price!
Go to Storenvy for singles and 1+2 bundles
Go to Holvi for singles!

...especially go to Holvi if you're Finnish and able to pick up the book from either Tampere Kuplii or Popcult, BECAUSE HERE'S A CODE for you to offset the (Finnish) shipping costs: HAENCONISTA2016
This code does not work on Storenvy nor does it work on Chapter 1 in Holvi. If you want special things like picking up a bundle from a con, email me at!

Ordering now is cheaper and will help us offset the printing costs, which is like a reality in which everyone wins?? Amazing.
((I will note that patrons will get to buy the second book at this price for as long as they last, because our patrons are magical and wondrous and support the comic in a very real way. <3 Thank you so much.))


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November 7th, 2015, 6:57 am


Free worldwide shipping on Inprnt this weekend!

Hi! I just wanted to let as any people as possible know that if you ever got your eye on a Feral Gentry print, now's an excellent time to consider buying one as there are NO shipping costs on Inprnt this weekend! Living in Finland I am aware that often those are pretty prohibitive if you just want one or maybe two things, and I'm seriously considering getting some for myself. There are some new prints in there I added just yesterday!

Please check out our little print shop of horrors here!


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May 9th, 2015, 6:11 am



Just a quick post: I am at TCAF today Saturday and tomorrow Sunday with Dawn Davis, selling Feral Gentry and the Raistlin Activity Book! I also might be doing sketches for people and I've got posters of the All Hallows' Wild Hunt and of Rosa extranei with me! Come say hi if you're in Toronto, I would be thrilled to see you. 8)


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April 9th, 2014, 2:29 am


Buying options for Feral Gentry: Hermit Lord!

This is a news post for those who never read our comments under the comic... well, you might not see this either now that I really think about it. No matter!

There are currently two ways to buy the physical copy of Feral Gentry Ch. 1!
For now they are:
Holvi for Finnish bank transfer, Visa and Mastercard
Storenvy for Paypal!
(They both look very crude at the moment, forgive us for the aesthetic crime here, it will get better)

Aaand a way to get the digital PDF is coming along in case there are people who loathe shipping costs and love cheap digital books!

So here we are, finally. Gather your local cult and order together! A perfect birthday gift for Mom! Get it for your friend who thinks self-published comics are supposed to be ugly and enjoy the sweet, sweet taste of righteous revenge! (We are not actually suggesting these are the greatest reasons to buy this book.)
And, as always, Patreon is a nifty way to support us in very small monthly quantities! A big hand to all our patrons, you are super. :)


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January 9th, 2014, 1:54 pm


It's Capital Venture Time!! READ THIS IT IS VERY IMPORTANT.

Hi there!! We have such exciting news for you all!

Feral Gentry now has a Patreon site! Patreon is a funding system not completely unlike Kickstarter or Indiegogo, except that it works on a monthly basis (for us). You pledge an amount of money you are willing to pay for a month of comics, and in return you get something nice! With us, this currently means character art, wallpaper calendars, seeing comic pages before others, and one very special fairy pledge. What can it be?!?!?! Check them all out here!

The comic will continue to update as usual, of course! Patreon just seemed like a really fun way for us to try and make up a reason for providing people with extra content, and for you to show support for the comic with very little effort. We would be ecstatic to see you there!

P.S. Earlier Patreon asked for a credit card but these days you can also pledge through Paypal. Woo! :)


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December 17th, 2012, 1:55 pm


Choose your own Christmas pause picture!

Announcement! On the 26th of December Feral Gentry will be on holiday and we hope you'll be, too. This means no regular update on that week.
But! I'd like to do a small illustration/sketch/picture for the day, and you can contribute to the subject if you'd like! in case of a tie we'll pick the subject with a die.

1. would you like to see:
a) Tuomi
b) someone else
c) as many people as possible
d) two people, please elaborate...

2. preoccupied by
a) midwinter festivities
b) Christmas... things...
c) a romantic situation
d) something completely different yet strangely appropriate? Please elaborate.

Reply on this newspost or on tumblr or on fb if you have feelings about this! You have time until the 23rd, Sunday! :)


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