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April 9th, 2014, 2:29 am


Buying options for Feral Gentry: Hermit Lord!

This is a news post for those who never read our comments under the comic... well, you might not see this either now that I really think about it. No matter!

There are currently two ways to buy the physical copy of Feral Gentry Ch. 1!
For now they are:
Holvi for Finnish bank transfer, Visa and Mastercard
Storenvy for Paypal!
(They both look very crude at the moment, forgive us for the aesthetic crime here, it will get better)

Aaand a way to get the digital PDF is coming along in case there are people who loathe shipping costs and love cheap digital books!

So here we are, finally. Gather your local cult and order together! A perfect birthday gift for Mom! Get it for your friend who thinks self-published comics are supposed to be ugly and enjoy the sweet, sweet taste of righteous revenge! (We are not actually suggesting these are the greatest reasons to buy this book.)
And, as always, Patreon is a nifty way to support us in very small monthly quantities! A big hand to all our patrons, you are super. :)

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