The Comic

Feral Gentry is an occasionally animated new weird comic about modern fairies. The main character Tuomi finds his safe but solitary life suddenly shaken when he meets another of his kind for the first time in years.

The comic is updated on Wednesdays and the story will span four chapters.

Supporting the Comic!

You can purchase the print editions of the first three chapters of Feral Gentry at Storenvy

You can also support the comic by becoming a monthly patron for Anayte through Patreon, or buying a quality print through Anayte's Inprnt shop! Thanks for checking them out! :)

Authors & Contact information

The authors of Feral Gentry are Anayte Delahay (illustrator) and Matti Delahay (writer).

You can reach Anayte by email through She also hangs out on tumblr.
You can reach Matti through It's all deceptively easy!

Social Media & links

You can get Feral Gentry page updates through Facebook, twitter and tumblr. The comic is also listed on several webcomic lists, including Belfry, Comic Rocket, Piperka, TopWebComics, and The Webcomic List.

P.S.: Feral Gentry uses the amazing Ames typeface by tubbsen/Päivi Toikka to deliver readable dialogue!