posted January 9th, 2018, 5:41 am

Tuomi tasting that good good punishment

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January 9th, 2018, 5:54 am



Hi everyone! This is kind of a long post, and an important one, please read it if you can. (slightly edited from the version posted on Patreon a week ago)

I'm sorry I had an unannounced vacation from updating over the entire December. I haven't usually done this (kept Christmas breaks or had long unannounced breaks) and I've tried to keep on communicating about changes, but I failed this time.

I visited friends in Turku over New Year and got pretty inspired by Petra's new comic pages for mainly two reasons; 1. They were drawn in pencil and shaded with ink and these days I really love ink and traditional workflows 2. She had a buffer and I remembered all the great things you can do with a buffer.
Firstly, this has led me to the conclusion that I might really want to try working on Feral Gentry with ink. To be honest, even if I ended up making more animations it would not hinder my process much. I already need to do a lot of cut-out things and paintovers. The only thing it kind of makes harder is making strong colour hotspots and painted backgrounds, but that's never been the biggest thing in the comic and I can continue doing subtle colour spots.

Secondly, I need a buffer. Working without one is unenjoyable and awful. To do this, I need to actually really take time off, because buffers take time.

Thirdly: I need to reconstruct my Patreon to better reflect the things I am able to do and the things patrons will get for being the amazing supporters they are and have been. I have had a gnawing feeling for a long time, longer than a year, that I am lagging behind on everything, and it has only gotten worse and keeping up with Patreon things has gotten more and more difficult during this year. Arguably 2017 has also been the most emotionally draining and challenging year I've experienced, what with new love, heartbreak, learning about myself and other people and about just how difficult communication can be and how even your current best is not always good enough, finding new approaches to love and relationships, trying to keep myself from completely spiralling into depression, having a first close relative die, having to deal with completely new and unexpected money issues and having all this lead to an absolute priority and value change in how I see my worth because it cannot be tied to the quality or frequency of my artwork anymore now that that has been completely busted by other life things.

So what I think will happen after this chapter ends is (in about six more pages): I will put Feral Gentry updates and my Patreon on a pause of six months. After this I will start updating the comic again and reactivate my Patreon, and at that time I will probably change the format in some significant way involving the tiers, the type of support (monthly vs. per Thing) and possibly even the focus area. Feral Gentry is such a massive thing for me to do and yet I seem unable to produce much content beyond the comic itself right now. I will let all of the internet know when the time for the restart comes! There might be early bird goals and rewards for patrons. :)

I'm thinking the new Patreon might be about... things not Feral Gentry. This comic will stay free to read as it has always been. I might keep the early updates on Patreon as I have to date, but I'm thinking I might use it more like a tool to make content other than Feral Gentry, because currently I have no excuse to be working on anything else, because this is the one thing that I have declared people can easily support me in. I'd still like to be able to work on both the comic and side projects without shame and it seems I need to change something big for that to happen. Side projects like roleplaying stuff! Ink portraits! Short horror comics! Life comics! Feral Gentry character background comics!

Okay. I think that's everything. Thank you for reading, I am so proud of you. I am also so happy to be right here right now with you, having survived 2017. I will try to make this next one count.


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January 10th, 2018, 12:02 am

Lilacgirl8 (Guest)


I am SO EXCITED to find out where this is going. I LOVE old 'Court of the Fey' type tales. Another one I really enjoyed was "The Child Thief" by Brom. Does anyone have recommendations to tide us over until Feral Gentry returns?

Cesario, I am in love with the world you have created. Take all the time you need, recharge, then come back to us.

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January 31st, 2018, 3:24 pm

LazyReader (Guest)


Ahh, Can I get a lawyer bro?

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